Neck protection

Hi Guys,

Can anyone recommend a good neck protector.

Do you wear one?

Should we all wear one ?

I came off the bike the other day and went straight over the handle bars, having seen that I was going to end up head first into a large broken stump I decided not to let go of the right handle bar, this whipped me back and I landed in a heap on my back on the front of the bike.

Had I been carrying a little more momentum I reckon I would have lost grip on the bar and carried on forwards to my date with the stump head first and it would have been a very different crash.

Got me thinking about the neck protector side of things.

Input welcome.

tried an evs R4 and couldn't get it to work with my short neck and my ogio flight vest. too limited range of motion. take all your gear, go to a retailer and try some on- the leatt and others are great products.

It's the kind of thing which seems totally unnecessary until you break your neck. Kind of like riding boots and helmets.


If you wait until black friday you can usually find one for a significant discount.


I have never owned one, being 6'4" and pretty big they don't fit me very well, and i've tried a few different ones on.


I did have an EVS neck donut which was better than nothing but was annoying to wear since I have a big neck and got lost somewhere.

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