660 raptor should I get it

I hate Craigslist but something seems like a steal. This guy said it wont rev out so it needs the carb cleaned. I would like to know the truth behind this. If it is an easy fix or possibly a mechanic nightmare waiting to happen

Probably someone's piece of junk. It seems everyone puts their ready-to-blow junk on kijiji/craigslist and all it needs is a "carb cleaning" or a spark plug. I wouldn't waste my time, if it's cheap he probably realizes what he has and is hoping to quickly unload it. Chances are the maintenance hasn't been done and it's just waiting to grenade on you, you get what you pay for. If you want to spend cheap on someone else's problems, you will likely be spending big down the road. 

What should I look for new to atvs

A 400. A Kawasaki KFX400, an Arctic Cat DVX400 and a Suzuki LT-Z400 are all the same bikes mechanically and are great bikes if you get one in good shape. A 400ex (Honda) is another great bike as well but it is air cooled and the suspension and power is a little (very little mind you) down on the z400. They make great trail bikes and are much cheaper to run then the 450's. Find one that's in good shape and buy it, you can't go wrong.


A blaster is also a good bike as well if you're a smaller guy you'll be fine. Everyone's going to recomend a warrior on here, there's a few guys with them and they're not bad bikes in their own right but a 400 is faster and a little more modern while still being just as reliable and handling better.


What to stay away from? A 450. They're a high maintaince race machine, if you're new to bikes stay away. I'm not saying they're bad bikes but they require a lot of work to keep running, especially as they get older so buying a used one is always a gamble. I brought one home that had lots of compression and ran good but in a matter of a month it needed $3000 of repairs to run again. A 400ex or a z400 is your best bet, great bikes. I had a KFX for years and loved it. Power near what a 450 has without any of the high strung nature of one.

Thank you

I have purchased several bikes from Craigslist.. in fact, everything I've bought in the last 8 years has come from there, and I've done fine with it.  

It's no better or worse than anyplace else, whether it's the newspaper classifieds or Cycle Trader.  


I actually look for bikes that have clogged carbs because it's such an easy fix, while the shops charge big for the labor.

That makes it a good deal for me.  


I had a Yamaha Raptor 660,and absolutely loved it!!  It has power to spare, even with two people on it, and the suspension soaks up major bumps like they're nothing.

I only sold it because I was moving from Florida to Nevada, and couldn't take it with me.  I had wanted the KFX700, but after owning the Raptor, I'll buy another one.  

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I've had very good luck on Craigslist. I've only made 1 crappy deal which was an 02 xr200 for 1100. I found out later that it had a blown rear shock and it needed clutch plates shortly after I bought it and it made a ticking noise (hard to evaluate a bike in a 30 second test ride) but other than that I've had good luck- I did an even trade for that same 200 with the same blown shock for a MINT 03 wr250f- but that's why we HAVE stupid people. Hey, I told the guy he was downgrading. But I've gotten great deals on jet skis and dirbikes. Just remember that when people see 100 dollar bills in your hand, they'll sell their machine for ANYTHING like half of what they're asking- it's human nature I guess. Just be careful and check the machine over well and ask him about regular maintanance. I don't know much about the raptor itself, but hey, how can you go wrong with 40hp? Good luck!

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