What's easiest way to access shock spring spanner?

I want to adjust the shock spring preload on my 2009 YZ450F.  It seems near impossible to access the spanner ring using a punch without removing bodywork or the entire shock & spring.  What's the easiest way to make adjustments?

I have the same bike. Swing the kickstarter out and there you go. Motion pro makes a brass tipped punch that won't damage the threads or nuts if you slip. You dont have to remove anything.

If you happen to have a 10" long or so scrap of aluminum stock laying around, you can use that, too.  Have the bike raised off its wheels when you do this.  Unlock the lock ring and turn the adjuster by rotating the whole spring by hand. (grab it by the bottom of the spring)

Make sure you loosen the top one first, then adjust the bottom. Tighten the top one back down as a jam nut to hold position, doesn't have to be crazy tight.


I have the same bike and I've found that a 18" flat screwdriver works well too. I picked one up from Sears and it'll fit in that tight space.

Thanks guys.  I've go a variety of punches I'll try.

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