Rmx porting?

Hi all, i have a rmx450 2010 and i wonna do a little porting... I have the cherrybomb and my both side panel are open on the airbox...

My question: his it gonna make me run to lean or the cherrybomb have enought juice to remap it???

Sory for my bad english and i know im in the romg section! Thanks

Is it not peer full enough lyk mate and my mate has just out cams in out a rmz 450 2011 model its loads more responsive

Porting can make it leaner. Porting is reshaping and removing flaws that cause restriction. So,if you remove restrictions,and the fuel/air mixture can flow better as well as exhaust gasses,you may need more fuel? Do you want more power? Where do you want more power? Do you have stock exhaust? What fuel do you use? What type of riding? The rmx is a great bike. The emission restrictions have it stuffed up a little,but basically what applies to a Rmz will work on an rmx. A fuel controller,like the vortex or power commander will give you large adjustments in fuel. Items such as cams,higher compression piston,exhausts,porting and throttle body mods can add more power and more response. The down side is some of these items are expensive and can cause more engine wear or heat. I suggest looking at OEM Rmz parts to get the power you desire. I want an rmx bad,but they stopped import to USA. I only ever saw 1 in 2010.

Yes i know that my air/fuel mixture his gonna change.

1.Yes i wont more power

2. i wont midrange and top end

3. I have a fmf powerbomb, Q4 slip-on

4. I use 91 octane gaz

5. 1/4 mille drag


I know that the throttle body rmz his bigger than the rmx i think its 2mm bigger. Do you think it would work better

bigger throttle body will give more top end. Basically,more the rmx is setup for more bottom end and smoother power. RMZ is more top and snappy power for mx. Look on tt classifieds or local auction site for rmz parts for sale 08-14 parts will fit. RMZ ecu will liven up motor. As you add more rmz parts-the bike may be harder to ride and lose its trail type power.

Thanks ac717 for the info

Rmz ecu? Do you mean the ecm (cumputer)?

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