Locked up Cr125

Went home from college this past weekend and scored a 2002 Cr125 for $300. The previous owner didn't mix the gas right so It has a seized crank. I noticed upon bringing it home that i cant switch gears. my question is what could be causing the bike to not be able to shift? i am assuming what is causing this happened when the crank seized. any information is greatly appreciated.


on a side note what would the best option for a new crank be. i know to stay away from wiseco. i have also heard that an 05-07 crank is much more reliable. will that crank fit into my bike? and where is the cheapest place to buy OEM parts?

Have Ken Oconnor Racing rebuild yours..That is the cheapest option. But first take the jug off and see if it just seized the piston to the cylinder. You might get lucky and crank is okay.


Yes it may not shift while the bottom end is locked up. The input shaft needs to freely spin for it to shift correctly.

If you do not own a service manual..now is the time to make your first purchase.

You can buy them in PDF for $7

Hot rod cranks r usually cheaper than stock

i did have time to check the top end and it was not locked up. the piston however was pretty beat up

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