Speedometer/Instrument problem -- no lights

2009 Beta 450RR


Anyone ever have trouble with their RR instrument/speedometer? I had some sort of electrical "event" during a time when my original battery was almost dead, and I was adjusting the valves. I heard a zzt kind of noise followed by a slight click. I ended up having to replace a fuse. Thing is, my speedometer has never been the same. It periodically resets and runs through the startup check, and the backlight and indicator lights stopped working.


Has anyone experienced these issues or similar problems?

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There is a thread about this somewhere on here.

Thanks! I did a couple cursory searches that didn't turn up anything. I'll try a bit more in earnest. I've been very pleasantly surprised at the wealth of Beta information here.

My esteemed riding buddy had this problem. He had an intermittent short in his fan wiring that would eventually take out his fuse. His meter would reset intermittently as well. I would check through your harness with a fine toothed comb especially where you have made changes

The prime suspect is the harness from the rear brake pressure switch banjo bolt. It got up against the exhaust and melted a bit. I thought it was ok, but maybe not.


If I find something out, I'll post up.

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