I never ran motorex, but just bought a new ktm and they recommend runnin it in case and premix. Wats the validity to motorex and ktms?

Pretty much same chit different bottle. 

I run Amsoil in all my equipment, had excellent results and it's way cheaper.  Find yourself a good dealer, he'll take care of you.


The differences between the brands at the top of the quality spectrum are very slim.  You can't go wrong with Silkolene, Amsoil, Motorex, etc.

the top oils cost more money for good reason...the problem is that if X oil already protects you as much as you need, getting something even better isnt going to make any real difference. with that said, i run Maxima Maxum4 extra 15w/50 in my 250sx, the honda gets cheap oil or atf type f depending on how i feel. the honda oil is dirty in less than 15 mins and comes out gray, the 250sx oil comes out 10 hrs later with some of its original color still present. i couldnt believe when i drained the oil out of the ktm (i was using the rec motorex at the time) and it still came out blue.


thats my reasoning, i run the good oil in the bike thats gonna get some use out of it and the cheap oil in the bike that gets an oil change every trip. in the end it comes out to be about the same.


ktm and motorex are linked up. they like the oil and recommend it in their bikes and they kind of work hand in hand. its no different than Mercedes recommending Mobil 1 for their cars.


the MFG recommends a specific oil because they already tested that oil to meet their specs. thats it. as long as you stick with the recommended oil spec youre gonna be ok. this is an example from mercedes. they recommend mobil 1 but tell you as long as you match the approval number, youre good to go.



I like to run Bel-Ray gear saver in my tranny and Amsoil in my premix. Truth is that they are both high quality oils that I can buy at my local owner run bike shop. If he sold Maxima, Motorex, Silkolene, etc. I'd be fine with those as well. I change the trans oil every 5-7 hours and as mentioned above it still retains some of the red color it has when it's fresh. I also think ATF is fine, I'd just change it more often.

For me it's worth it to buy a "good" quality oil, but there are a lot of options, use what you are comfortable with.

I never ran motorex, but just bought a new ktm and they recommend runnin it in case and premix. Wats the validity to motorex and ktms?

Motorex pays KTM to run their oil, of course it's going to be good.....

I have been running the motors 60:1 by the book no issues. Jets by the book , life is good and bike runs great..... I once chatted with a maxima rep a couple years ago and he told me hands down the motorx is top of the line . Wasn't getting paid to say it but he had actually ben to there plant in Switzerland and seen what they are all about, no one comes close in quality control... Next best is Maxima. Half of the others throw there stock in a drum and mix it with a ore. No kidding

I mght ad that I run a in line coolant gauge and I have never seen a bike run so cool. I don't feel like it's regurgitated snake oil at all but the real deal good stuff

Run whatever floats your boat. I've run all sorts of different brands and never noticed any difference in the service life of the motor. As far as the gearbox, I just run ATF, as it's cheaper and has a better clutch engagement.

Finally, an oil thread. It's about time.

Finally, an oil thread. It's about time.


Now if someone could enlighten me about trails tires vs knobbies I'll be all set :lol:

I ran a tank of 60:1 on my 2013 250 sx yesterday and it was crisp on the mx track. I never ran a bike so lean like that. Do you have any suggestions on my jetting? What works best for you?

Ran my 250 xcw at 60:1 with motoX and am currently running my 2014 200 the same.. jet by the chart in the manual..those are safe specs.

Don't run the motorex, its expensive as balls and doesn't have the perforamnce to match the price tag. I love Torco engine oils, and run their four stroke engine oil through my tranny. '13 250sx here.


60:1 for motocross is stupid, I'd wager hte only reasno KTM doesi t like that is to try and squeeze out some extra bottom end sales. More oil= more power. Been proven a dozen times over. Punch out your main and pilot by one size and start running 30:1 to start with. Go one, maybe two clips richer on the needle. Statrt there and fine tune it for your height/temperature.

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