2013 350 XCF-W vs 2014 350 XCF-W

Anyone know if there are any serious differences between the 13 and 14 350 xcfw's?  In my local area the price difference is at least $1500 (both new off the showroom floor) for these years.  Seems like the big change came between the 2011\2012 and the 13.


Also...a local dealership has a 13 FE350 'Berg for the exact same as the 13 KTMs...7999 (asking).


I've been debating between the 350 vs 300 smokers and really can't figure out which way to go.  


I've been riding a RM250, I like it but the power delivery is terrible for the kind of tight, rocky, slippery, rooty trails I ride in the pacific northwest.  Really the only thing I'm unsure about is if the 300 powerband is really smooth enough for this type of low traction riding or if I'd be better off getting the 350.

I think a 300 two stroke would be great for your type of riding. The 350 will do a great job also but the 300 will have a lot more low end torque if that's what your looking for. 

You post is a couple months old but since no one responded, the mechanical differences between the 13 and 14 350xcfw are fairly minimal. Most riders wouldn't notice unless riding them back to back and even then some guys might prefer the 13. The reason for the pricing difference is probably rebate from the MFG.


If you want a KTM that resembles the power and handling of your RM250, but is set up for offroad I'd suggest a 250xc or 300xc (not f). Plus the purchase and maintenance are cheaper. 300 is not a handful and everyone thinks they need to own one, but for riders who are not giant, the 250 takes less energy and vibrates noticeably less.


XC/SX or XCF / SXF will be more rigid like your RM. The XCW XCFW will be more plush which is very nice for trail riding.

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