Trail riding add ons

So I'm getting into trail riding real heavy what are some things I can add to my bike to make it more trail capable?

What bike?

Set up suspension with correct spring rates

Heavy flywheel

Wraparound hand guards are a must

I love my pro moto billet kickstand

Some love the rekluse clutch

I would recommend: Skid plate, pipe guard, and handlebar brush guards to name a few. Trail riding comes in too many variables, and it's always a good idea to protect yourself and your machine from any unknowns on that devil trail. Don't know what type of bike you have, but a good bike for trail (my opinion) is a Yamaha IT. Comes with lights, and every guard to protect your machine from bang ups against rocks and other things. A backpack too (on your back of course) with some essentials (i.e. a gun, knife, water, cell phone, snake bite kit, hell a magazine if you decide to stop on the trail and relax :)

really... the search button broken or you just wanted to start your own thread?


what bike? model year etc... helps to have this to help you


Otherwise I could just say all the standard things the other 100 threads have in them.... 


install a Rekluse

throw on a skid plate

bolt guards to everything, discs guards etc.

flywheel weight

make sure you bike is tuned for the trails... suspension and engine

hand guards

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Any accomplished rider will tell you that the suspension is the MOST important aspect of the motorcycle.  Find out who revalves/resprings suspension in your area, have then set it up for your skill and weight for the woods. 


You ride a KX 250 smoker??  Suspension is first, then I would get handguards, then skid plate, then carbon fiber pipe guard (don't buy the aluminum ones, they rattle and crack the pipe).  As many times as you'll drop the motorcycle (I was 14, that was 14 years ago!!), I would strongly suggest radiator guards to protect them from bending and breaking.


After you do all this stuff (probably cost $1000.00 new), you'll figure out what needs doing next.  How fresh is your bike's motor?  I found out the hard way not to neglect changing a piston in time.

I also have the hydration backpack with minimal tools and powerbar or something. Never know how long it will be before you make it back. Good boots are key too.

Fuel capacity and bike reliability.


Make the bike as comfortable and easy to ride as possible as you'll be on it for long stints. Stand up when ever possible and set the bike up for your stand up riding. Don't let the bike beat you up. Don't waste energy and pace yourself.


On longer rides I carry spare goggles, gloves and socks. A light wet weather jacket is a good Idea as well. Try to stay dry so your body Isn't loosing energy trying to warm up.


I use brush guards. Hate full wrap hand guards. I don't consider them a must.


Same as MX. Preparation and bike setup is the key to a enjoyable day on the trails. Not a great Idea to ride alone.


Happy trails :ride:  :thumbsup:  

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