Geico for dirtbikes





and they don't insure bikes  they outsource

dbl fail

Edited by Zimman

aw, come on. I thought it was pretty funny. :smirk:

"A" for effort 



I just don't see the truth ?


seems like my 2 and 4 strokes  always need sumptin $ wise LOL   the 4 is less needy  but when it is needy its 2 x  $$$$


atleast in my case

That's about right. A little more durable, but more $$$ when the time comes. I really don't care, just thought that picture was funny. I like my 450.  :thumbsup:

He thinks he's a Gecko  but I bet his moms a lizard

Before Harleys were popular, GEICO used to CANCEL people (car or home) if they rode a motorcycle. Then they realized they could make a bundle un yuppies on cruzers.


You could not pay me to talk to them.

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