Could be minor need advice

Alright got a buddy with a yz 450f 2004. He says the shifter will stick shifting down or up sometimes he already replaced everything except this assembly attached below the shifter. When you shift to final gear it wont go into gear completely and go in and out. Shift forks have been replaced. Any ideas?

The lower assembly


Yes.  The lugs on the sides of the 3rd and 4th pinions (gears on the main shaft) are rounded off, and will not hold engagement under a load.  That will have already bent the main shaft shift fork. 

How much is that? He replaced the both shift forks already has not been riding it much at all till fixed

The gears should be roughly $25-40 each.  Then the one fork.  The cases will, of course, need to be split, so you have to add a head and base gasket and whatever other incidentals you need. 

He already looked at the gears they are fine he replaced all bearings and forks like I said.

It refuses to hold in gear under a load, right?  Only one thing that can be.  But if he says they're fine, I guess the discussion is over.

Someone is cocky

What is it that I gain by arguing with you over the information you asked for?

I was just sorting out possibilities

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