How do you know when the best time to enter first race?

Some New Englanders may be familiar with JDay. It's an off road racing series that features part woods/part MX (not always on a track sometimes flat grass corners) and part (and optional) extreme section. Format is 2 30 minute moto's. I'm in decent shape but a new dirt bike rider with an extensive cycling/mountain bike racing past. I've thought about entering one in a couple weeks, but that could a bad idea  :naughty:



Go for it. What do you got to lose? Just make sure you pay attention to how you feel. If your tired or sloppy, just pull off. 30min is a long time for a new racer. Just ride when your comfortable. Go for it! You may become addicted and want to do it more...

Jdays are super fun races. I raced the central village jday last year and they really are hard races. Have you raced mx before? Because if you haven't i would try a few mx races first as they are much shorter. 30 mins really is a long time for a beginner. It was probably the hardest race I've ever done just because my endurance was so poor but it also was very fun. If you do decide to race it just go out there, race your own race, let the fast riders pass you and don't get in their way if they lap you(they get pissed trust me lol), and have fun!

You've gotta kinda condition yourself for longer moto's first. I'm from Boston and when I looked into riding in New England, I found that most tracks don't have very many open practice days. It seems most tracks are racing only with the occasional half-day of practice intermixed during the year. I now live in So Cal and thats one of the biggest benefits of being here, you can always find a track to practice at. You've gotta find a place, show up early and using a stopwatch, do a 30 min + 2 to see if you can even make it through one. I think you'll find it to be difficult just to survive, let alone do it at race pace. 


Personally, I'd do some testing first and then make the decision. Racing isn't like practicing, even though a good practice can be very beneficial, the speeds are slightly different as you are being pushed when racing and not so much during practice. Having a good goal like running a Jday event is great, good for you. But you should prepare some more before running it, I think you'll be happier with the outcome in the long run if you do. 

last j day is in a week and a half (nov 2). Dont know where you live, but if you want to try some tracks in the next week:


1. Mx 101 open saturday the 26 and wednesday the 30th

2. Crow hill is open this saturday

3.Wareham MX is open pretty much every day.


try riding for half an hour if you go, that will give you an idea of how hard it is. Let me know if you go to 101 I may be up there.

30 You better be running every day for 40 minutes twice a day or something like that. try to hydrate the day before. Lots of water.

f you can ride safely and hold your line go for it. Sounds like a lot of fun. Good luck.

Just do it. 30 min is a joke for an offroad event. A true offroad rider is not even warmed up in 30 minutes. Most true HS and Enduro events are 1.5 to 5hrs. Just set a comfortable pace and finish. You are not going to win anything as a newby and should not expect to. Just go to learn and make some new riding friends. You will be glad you did.

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