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1st ride with my GoPro and 1st crash.

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Heres a few videos i took a few weeks ago.The 1st video is one of me in the park.That day a neighbor complained and said he would call the cops next time i rode there.What an azz.My neighbor 2 houses down is a cop and has no problem with it.
The second video i took in Mass where it is legal to ride.I went there on a damp wet day due to me allays working when its nice out.Well big mistake that was cause i wiped out and the bike spun out and ended up facing me.As a result i think i tore my rotator cuff and may need surgery.Seeing how i don't have coverage its a bi**h trying to get any help.I may just buy the coverage for the whole year providing it coveres my current problem.It really sucks cause i'm 2 weeks from finishing one of my last big jobs of the year and was planning on taking a few months off.
Anyway here's the video have fun busting my balls for getting hurt in such a pu**y of a crash.
11:25is of the 1st video u can see the bunny i scared the hell out of,lol


My First ride with the Go Pro Hero3 - YouTube


F.Gilbert State Forest in Foxborough today. - YouTube

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Seems like the audio is much louder / clearer in the first video compared to the second. Am I correct in assuming you had the "open" back on the case in the first video, and the "sealed" back on for the second?

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