Rmz wheel on a rm?

Does anyone know if a 2012 rmz 250 wheel will fit a 2004 rm 250?

No. But I'd like to :lol: .


I normally run the Talon Billet and Carbon hubs. They don't make them for the RM 2T's :cry: . I'm wondering which, if any RMZ wheels will fit my 07 125.

Someone posted here a few years ago about the RMZ hubs being wider than the RM hubs.  So as a way to confirm that pull your rear wheel off, remove the dust shields and measure how wide it is outside one bearing to the outside of the other bearing, post it and see if you can get an RMZ owner to do the same.

Yea man just measure them the best you can. I'm pretty sure you can get spacers machined so different wheels will fit different models. That might be difficult but maybe worth it

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