Too much freeplay gain with exp 2.0

Hey guys, I have a 06 yz450 and I put a rekluse exp2.0 in it yesterday but I had way too much freeplay gain in the lever, probably at least an inch. Has anyone had this problem or does anyone have a solution for my problem? Thanks in advance for any help, I guess I'll call rekluse tomorrow, I hear their customer service is great too

Forgot to mention I turned the adjuster as far as I could but it didn't seem to help

Are the clutch plates worn a lot? Are you certain that you have put the correct number of steels and friction plates in according to the diagram? These are the things that I would check. I assume you have put the rubber band on the lever and are revving the bike at it is travelling more than 1/8 to 1/4".

The clutch is almost new as the bike has about 15 hours on it, I am sure I put the correct number of disks in, I did realize after tht I reused the stock pressure plate springs, I swapped those out with the rekluse blue ones but haven't had a chance to try it. Not sure if those would make a difference or not

You probably have too many friction disks in.....

I have an 06 YZ 450 and put an exp 2.0 last week.

I put 6 under the exp and 1 on the outside..... And I had a huge amount of play and couldn't get it to engage properly.

I did it in a hurry cause I was excited to try it out.

Then I sat down and read I was supposed to use 6 stock friction disks - 5 under and 1 above the exp....

And don't forget the extra spacer on the throwout.....

An easy way to tell if it's using the right # is you should have 3 stock friction/steel disks left over

Read the manual again. The answer is there....

I ended up getting enough adjustment but it was pretty much maxed out. I'll have to count the disks again this weekend. Thanks for the help

And you mean the washer on the throw out right? I don't remember any extra spacer in the kit

Yeah, there should be a 2-3 mm thick spacer in the kit that goes on the throwout.

You were right, I looked through my spare parts and there it was, it helped a bit with the adjustment. Thanks again for the info

Glad it helped

I did run into a small snag though. When I was reinstalling the throw-out, I misplaced the little steel ball that fits inside it, went to the local parts store and got a new one but I couldn't find the other one anywhere. This might sound really dumb but if it fell into the motor is it going to trash it? I just ordered a mag oil drain plug in hopes of pulling it out in one piece. I'm really hoping not to have to tear the engine apart to look for it. I was working on it in my driveway on a hill so chances are it went for a roll but it's still got me worried

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