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Washington Upper Mad River Closed for the season

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Hi Riders


I would have posted a bit earlier but as you all know we had some forced downtime during the first half of October.  I appreciate some of the posts I saw earlier this month in regards to the the muddy and snowy conditions in the Upper Mad River and recommending that it would not be responsible to ride the trails under those conditions.  Just more proof of how motorized trail users are as responsible if not more than your average trail user, thanks. 

We have been up this week closing the trails which fall under the seasonal closure: 1409.1 (Upper Mad River), 1426 (Blue Creek), 1561 (Chikamin Tie), and 1523 (Alder Ridge).  Even with all this good weather there is about 5"-12" of snow in the Mad Lake country.  The trails which are not under the closure are still good riding, and there is still good riding in Devils Backbone, Devils Gulch and the Lower Entiat Valley.

The Mad River Trails will reopen to Stock, Mountain Bike, and Motorcycles early next summer when the trails melt off and dry out.


Thanks again for all the help on the trails this summer, look forward to serving you all next season.

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