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what's the lowest possible rise for handlebars?

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so my seat is shaved, a lot. and yet the lowest rise bars from the standard options such as 'cr low' still doesn't come close the symmetry you get when the seats at full height with all the foam. 


So is there a company that makes a really low rise?


I can tell the difference when I jump, my bikes with the wrong symmetry tend to nose dive more, and since my arms are higher I feel I'm wrestling the bike into tight corners. 


It's so much more comfortable with the stock symmetry

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A risk you ran shaving the seat.


You can buy 'drag bars' that have no rise though I do not think they will be wide enough.


Why did you shave the seat so much?



Elbows up, butt back over jumps will get the front up. An inch or two on the bars is not the issue.

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