2006 DRZ400S

I am not a trader but I had a couple Honda ATC's that a guy was willing to trade me a 2006 DRZ400S for that is really in nice overall condition. The bike has 8100 miles. After seeing the bike, I said yes. The bike runs/drives very nicely and is quite snappy. It seems much quicker than my 2009 KLR 650 0-60 and is definitely more of a dirt bike than the KLR 650.


What should I be looking for as far as maintenance on the bike at this point. I was thinking about selling it but  after a few rides, I'm gonna keep it. I really like it.


Thanks in advance....

Look through this if you haven't already



The loctite fixes, and a MCCT are highly recommended, and whats nice is you do them once and should never have to worry about them again.


It's a good idea to check valve clearances every so often as well.


Other than that oil changes every 1,000 miles.


Have fun with your new bike and wait for the mod bug to bite you!!




What part of Wisconsin are you from?? I live in the Waukesha area.

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Nice trade Welcome to the club.

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