2007 yz125 jetting specs

ive got a stock 07 yz125 and i want to throw on a fmf fatty with a silencer and vforce 3 reed cage, but on the fmf website i cant find the jetting specs for my bike. any help on what i need to buy for my carb would be much appreciated.

Start with stock jetting and test with the mods you add. Usually you dont have to rejet for a different pipe, i have a fmf fatty and didnt beed to rejet. Stock jetting hasnt changed for several years on yz125's. I own a 2003 YZ125 and it has the same carburetor as yours (38mm mikuni) and the jetting is

410 mainjet, 37.5 pilot jet, clip in the middle, and the air screw is 2 1/2 i think.

Good luck,

Chad, 18 years old.

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