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Rcm 125 won't start, need help

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Got an rcm in running condition a month back or so, and on the drive home it fell off the trailer.  The clutch lever and perch were busted off, and the throttle wouldnt work from the get go.  It took a while to get running at first, but I guess the carb settings/choke were a little off but someone helped out with it.  When I got it back to the house it wouldn't start.  I'll kick it and it'll make a few rotations and the exhaust kind of wheezes, but no dice.    

  Now I've put a new spark plug in it (NGK iridium cr7hix7544 if that helps) and changed the oil (it was pitch black) and it still won't start.  I had ordered a new throttle for it and put it on this morning, but the cable doesn't run far enough to let it turn a full rotation.  

  Right after I had bought it I ordered a clutch perch assembly with all the necessary cables off of amazon, which said it was universal for china bikes.  However, it got returned due to some sort of address wizardry.  What I'm wondering is, would it make sense to try a local shop or something for a crf50 clutch perch and lever, or just try and order one off of the internet?  Wound this at all solve my problem? 

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Engine and Carb quick check list - TBolt USA Tech Database!

Install Intake manifold to head and carb, oil gaskets and tighten bolts lightly at first then torque then down gradually in a cross pattern to provide a good seal and avoid air leaks

1)Throttle cable adjustment check:

a)Carb slide MUST hit bottom 

b)Test it , You MUST hear the sound of the slide hitting the bottom of the carb

c)You must have free play or slack in the throttle cable 

d)You must be able to turn the throttle a small amount WITHOUT moving the carb slide

2)Make sure the carb is 100% clean, free of debris and you can see light thru both main and pilot jets 

You must start with a known good and properly oiled air filter 

3)Double check you valve tappet adjustment .003intake and .004exh. 

4)Make sure your exhaust gasket is installed properly. 

5)Make sure all electrical connections are tight and you have a solid ground from the engine to the frame.

and make sure you have spark 

6)Check for good fuel flow and fresh fuel. 

7)See our jetting guide and do a plug read. 


Flooded Engine:

IF your flooded , pull the plug , Kick it over like 10 time WITH THE PLUG OUT 

Put in a NEW PLUG

One more thing

I find at times it helps to just crack the throt

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i"m on lunch so I'll have to try it out when I get off, i was wondering if it was flooded.  The original spark plug was pretty fouled.  To get a new clutch perch, would a local motorcycle or off road store have anything compatible with it?  I've read that crf50 parts are compatible but I don't really want to make a bum purchase again.  

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