blue cristmas


ride blue for christmas!

some of my riding buddies and myself

are going to ride at the landing mx

in easton maryland

any tt riders interested in a freindly

christmas weekend ride?

Do you even have to ask if I am riding on Christmas? :)


I see you are from Alexandria, I am south of you in Lynchburg. You ever go to BirchCreek Motorsports park in Danville? I checked out the website for the Landing Mx in Maryland and would like to go sometime but it is quite a drive and my truck is kinda out of commission thanks to my buddy gettin stuck in his "brother's" brand new Tundra ext. cab V8 on my track I ride at home over the holidays. 2 trucks stuck and a $400 tow bill later we got out. And it ripped my 4-wheel drive out of my Dakota. tracks are for bikes and 4 wheelers not $35,000 trucks, LOL anyway give me a shout if you ever want to hook up and go to Danville. Little cold and muddy to ride right now though. Keep Rippin it!! :)

thanks for the invitation fastfrank

i would like to get down there and ride.

i havent been to birch creek.

do they have open practice ride days?

do you have your own mx track?


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