Help anyone

1998 rm 125. How do I know if my clutch is slipping. When I rev up it has the revs but not as much power. It's not my power valve or anything. It's rejetted as well. What do you guys think. Is this what a slipping clutch feels like?

It's hard to tell via online, but it is possible your clutch is slipping.


There's a couple ways to tell.  You can ride it hard in second or third, and stay on the gas while pressing the rear brakes. If the revs drop it's probably not slipping.


A better way is to have a buddy watch you ride. If you rip the throttle and it makes a bunch of noise but doesn't spit out any roost it's probably slipping.


There wasn't enough info in your original post to tell if it could be anything else though. There's a lot of really smart peeps here so if you continue to have problems update your post with more info

Thanks. Yeah I'm sure it's slipping cause it doesn't roost that much.

There's a good chance you can bring it back into adjustment.       If it's slipping that'd tell me the cable is too tense already. Try backing it off a little bit to loosen it up. IE turn the adjuster to make the cable a little shorter.  Go a few clicks, then ride it and see. Keep going until it feels about right.


My manuals always talk about a couple millimeters of slack, but I found that to only be a starting point.  It takes a lot of fidgeting to get these Suzuki clutches dialed in. They'll almost always drag a little. Like when you got it in gear with the clutch pulled and try to push it you can feel the drag somewhat.


If you back the adjuster off to the point that if you're in neutral, pull the clutch, and kick it down into gear and it bogs or stalls it's not engaging enough and needs to be tightened a little.


It's pretty important to keep the oil changed in your bike too.  There's a thousand opinions on what you should run for gear oil. I've tried lots of them and always end up back with one of the two basics - either ATF or cheap 10W-30 motor oil and I change it every couple hours of riding time.

Yeah idk why it slips. I just did an oil change with 80 85 or something like that and it still slipped so maby I should try adjusting it.

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