Want to sell my KLR. What should I get?

So, as the subject says, I would like to sell my KLR650. For what I do, it is ok, but its just so underwhelming when I twist the throttle. Its also way to heavy for my type of offroad runs. 


So, I'm wondering what I should buy next. I would like reliability and power (don't we all?) as well as street legality. I'm 16 so my budget is not exactly extensive, however, I'm going to be working after school all year. Because of my limited budget, the DRZ400SM is looking to be an excellent choice. However, I don't want it to end up like my KLR, where I twist the throttle and patiently wait for it to slowly speed up. Also, can a DRZ with the common free mods power up in at least second (just look at my name and you'll understand)? Can a DRZ do properly set up for my weight (6'5" 220 lbs) do some small jumps. I was following my friend the other day who has a KTM 450 EXC and he hit a jump so I decided to follow on my KLR... My balls will never forgive me.


That leads me to another question. I've done a lot of reading about the KTM EXC RFS engines and how reliable they are. I know I would be satisfied with the power on a KTM 450/525 but I don't have the consistent funds to do large amounts of engine maintenance. If they are reliable enough I would definitely go that route, but I just want something to have a little fun on the Maine backroads so if it's not reliable, then I don't want anything to do with it.


Unfortunately Kawisaki doesn't make any 450 enduros. I play COD with the Kawi dealer owner and that has earned me some special freebies on my KLR :)


Anyways. Any and all recommendations are welcome. Just please nothing that ways over 300 pounds dry.


Thanks guys.

Looks like your limited budget will limit you in the quest for more power

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I've asked same questions.

I'm still looking patiently.

I'm looking for a commuter bike, dual sport descent mileage and will take some hard core of road as well. Its slim pickings, the best fit is the older KTM's but they are hard to find. Next best would be the xr 650 or 400. Or dr650 400 or 350. These are in a different class from the klr ( in my opinion). What's the price range you are willing to spend? Then consider the part availability, is a dealer close etc? This is why I won't buy a Suzuki, even though you can buy them used for Penny's on the dollar, there's no good dealer close.

In my area, KLRs are relatively cheap, even low mileage ones. DR, XR in the 650 class would be tough & reliable...and still on the heavy side. Do some research in your area, and get an idea what WR450s are going for. Save a bit of cash, and sell the KLR. I know you stated limited budget. Just another idea to think about.

Are two strokes street legal there?

My budget if I sell my KLR is around 3-4 grand. My KLR is listed on KBB for $3000 but I'll see if I can get a little extra for the few mods I have done.


WR450s seem awesome but I've read a lot of guys saying they get crap gas mileage and there title says "Offroad Use Only". I live in Maine and Reynolds Motorsports sells suzuki's so dealer wouldn't be an issue. 


I keeping all my options open. When I mentioned limited budget, I more so meant I can't afford engine rebuilds. If I have to keep buying valves and all that stuff, then I'm screwed. The initial bike purchase won't be a huge problem.


I've no idea if 2 strokes are legal in Maine but I can't see those being good for road use.


Keep the suggestions coming ! Thanks!

If you want light and power I would recommend the kawi klx250s 06 or newer and do the bill blue 351 big bore. Even though the bike isn't super light it sure feels like It is. The 351 kit is suppose to be super reliable. Look into it.. You should be able to pick up a bike for around $3k or less so that leaves you some room for mods if the bike doesn't already have some. Just my 2 cents.. Good luck!

I remember the mags stating that if the words "dual sporting" or "road use" are in the purchasers vocabulary, steer them towards a LC4 powered ktm. There are members here who have plated RFS KTM's,but it usually just to connect trails. Small oil capacity is an RFS motors Kryptonite.

Have u considered a Ktm 300?

That's what I was trying to get at. But two strokes aren't street legal everywhere.

Can a DRZ be powerful with the right tuning and a little bit of $$$?

Can a DRZ be powerful with the right tuning and a little bit of $$$?

650 and 400 are good bikes.

650 is reliable as the xr but needs suspension work to be great. The 400 is cool but you need to ask the 400 guys for the issues seen with them.

If you are looking for a rock solid mount, I suggest dr650 or xr 650. They're Low budget bikes. They are what the klr should be, but isn't.

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