Premix ratio?

So my younger brother has a 2011 yz 85 he got around a year ago and we have been running a 30:1 ratio as stated in the manual the bike runs great but it has alot of spooge, like dripping out on rear brake caliper and rims alot.

We havent been worrying about it just takes more time to clean but what could be the cause for this

-Mix ratio

-Sparkplug (we just got a br9 instead of the stock ten but havent ran it yet)

Or is it a jetting issue?

Thanks for your help guys

Jetting issue....

Assuming he is riding it like an 85 needs to be ridden (WOT 99% of the time), then it is almost certainly a jetting issue.


But before delving in to the carb, when was the last time the top-end was gone through and is the bike stock?  Or have you modded the exhaust?

The top end has never been done and engine wise the bike is completely stock, stock jetting and everything.

This is the first two stroke we've had so were not that familiar

is this an indication for a top end rebuild? Or were you just asking?

Since you haven't done the topend, I would start there.  New piston and rings and check the cylinder for damage and repair as needed.

Jetting a worn topend is nearly impossible.  Once you get everything freshened up, check your splooge again and it should be much better.

The bike has been like this since new soo..., anyways well end up taking the top end apart since the riding seasons basically over here in Toronto we always take apart the bikes and check them over before storage

The bike isnt riden wot since its mostly trail with some enduros and harescrambles

As for jetting what would you recommend were around 200 to 408m above sea level and ride from 8 to 35 degrees Celsius (wide range I know)

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