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TTR-125L Kick Idle Bearing question

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This is my fiance's first mx bike the thing is decked out with every possible BBR part you can get. It also has the flywheel lightened, the YZ85 fork on it, a larger carb and I can't think of what else, but it's even a blast for me to ride. Well here's my dilema......


We were out riding and it wouldn't kick start. Seemed like the spring or something simple broke on the kick starter cause it bump started fine and ran just as good as normal.


I got it home, pulled off the cover and found metal pieces and ball bearings in the bottom, nothing got past the mesh fortunately. After pulling off the clutch and all I found the kick idle bearing blew out, turns out that to replace that bearing the case needs to be split (I'm not an expert though). Also the kick idle shaft beat up the case a little. But I'm guessing a new bearing in there will work just fine even though the case is a little beat up.


The question is, is it worth pulling it all apart to try and fix it, or do I buy another ttr and swap motors and sell one as a parts bike? I have a feeling this will only be a temporary bike for her, the way she rides it I can see her bumping up to a full size 250f at some point.


Oh and here's a pic of the culprate, what do you guys think? This is all new to me and I'm just trying to figure out the best option.

kick idler.JPG

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