fuel filter issue?

have a 09 450. bike was running perfectly fine all day. started feeling like it was losing power. and then about 45 min later it started bogging when holding it wide open. I know these bikes are know for fuel problems. anybody that has had fuel problems did it start like this? I was doing some research and if it is a fuel problem, its not the pump just the fuel filter? and when you replace it do you have any O-rings or gaskets to replace as well?

 You need to filter your gas into the tank, or your pump filter can clog in a few tankfuls.

 Remove the pump and clean the filter.

Honda sells a kit that has everything you need for $36.00: 06160-MEN-A31

Not yet but I did get one of these to filter the gas.



this is what i use also.  with these filters it is difficult to tell how much fuel you have in the tank and you also have to fill the tank slowly.  but if it saves me from tearing into the tank and cleaning the filter i supose its worth it. 

Replacing the fuel filter once a year is good for any EFI bike. I have filtered the gas in our FI 450 and 250 CRF's from day one and we have never had any problems. The last thing you want is a the engine to cut out over a jump.

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Hate to hijack your thread, but do you still have the bottom end for the crf? My pops would like to buy it. Tried sending you a message but it says you cant accept them. Can you send me a phone number or email? How do you want to be paid, Paypal? You can email me at mrunfinishedprojects@gmail.com.



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