48mm fork in 47mm clamp

I know I can get them in, but is it a good idea? I have a 2012 rmz450 that I use for mx and In the winter for Ice riding...I found a set of 2005 rmz250 forks which are 48mm, and wanted to lower them permanently to keep as my ice set-up. ..I just don't want to ruin my clamps and not have them properly clamp the 47mm field when I reinstall. .. thoughts?

The fork upper clamps diameter does always follow the lower ones size increase , ie they might not actually be any wider at the top

Go to OEM hyphen cycle and compare the fork tube sizes.  The 47 and 48mm dimension is for the chrome lower, not the triple clamps.

Thanks for the input guys! I completely air balled on the fact that the size is the inner, not the outer! I can't seem to find the tube sizes on the website you suggested, but for what the guy is asking I'll just go pick em up and measure. ..if they don't work, I can off em on eBay and probably make $ on the deal!

go to "Parts Interchange Info" upper left hand corner.  Then search for the forks from both bikes and compare the upper and lower clamp diameters.

I looked there and couldn't find it, but I was on my phone while I ate lunch.. I'll use the 'puter when I get home and see if I can find it...

When you click on the model bike, scroll to the right for all the info.  

Ya I just looked again on the computer here at work, and unfortunately the website isn't updated enough to show any info for my bike :-/ not a biggy though, I'll just measure

So, did you try it?

Can i put 48mm showa on triple clamps that was originly for 47mm?

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