07 yz250f valving

looking for info on good valving on an 07 yz250f. i am 215 lbs and 6'3. i have put the correct springs in the forks for my weight and installed an 06 yz450f rear shock. the shock spring is just a couple points off what race techs site suggested. i ride woods/trails only and a mid to front pack C rider. i race the occasional hare scramble. my question is, can i just play with the current valve stack and make it better or do i need a full revalve? if i can make the current better for woods, what would you suggest? i have played with fork valving before on a honda but am gonna give these and the shock a try as well. also, i live in eastern KY and the terrain i ride is semi rocky in places and of course, hills. thanks in advance for the help.

Shock will need lots more rebound damping

that explains why i have to have it 19 clicks in to keep it from kicking bad. could use more though. would like to come up with a good stack for forks and shock. never been inside a shock or the rebound part in forks. but the fork rebound feels good, just want a little more woods friendly

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