kickstarter assembly 2006 rm250

Anyone here familiar with it?  I just rebuilt the bottom end on my bike and am reassembling it. I thought I had it set correctly, but something isn't right. The shaft doesn't align and the kickstarter is rotated way too far back. I can't figure it out. Maybe I've been messing with it too long .  Anyone have some input?

There is a dot on the shaft that you align the kick starter to if I remember right

Thanks, I got it figured out. I was rotating the reset coil spring the wrong way. It needed to rotate clockwise to the hole, not counter. I got it all buttoned up and fired it up today. Smoked like an English fog at 1st, then cleaned up. Everything seems to work.  I changed every bearing and seal, crank rebuilt, hinson clutch. new clutch kit and top end....Like a new motor.....

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