What happened to this poor thing?

Saw this posted up locally as "for parts or rebuild". Apparently the wheel is toast, the forks are toast, and the triple clamps are obviously toast, but supposedly the bars and brake are okay. Are triple clamps and forks soft enough to be destroyed without the rest of the bike being compromised?





Buy it up!

Would be a good buy if you needed an engine and it was at the right price.

Could it be a retrieved stolen bike that was thrashed to an inch of its life ?

Wouldn't that make the rest of it more mangled though? I'm guessing it had a run in with a tree? Maybe a large rock? I'm gonna go see it more out of curiosity than anything, they're asking $1500 for it which doesn't seem too bad as a complete one goes for around $4-4500

It looks like it was run over by a large truck.

duh  the tree is still sticking out of the bottom end











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Well it turns out he hit a Jeep on a dirt road, it sounds like the Jeep was coming around a corner and cutting the inside, the bikes wheel went in the gap between the Jeeps tire and body and took the brunt of the damage. He went flying along the side of the Jeep and ended up losing part of his arm :( I guess that's a lesson to be careful not to cut blind corners because you never know who is coming.


The wheel is a pretzel, the brake rotor is bent, the skid plate is obviously banged up, the one fork has a crack and the upper triple is shattered, also the left rad might have a small leak and the ends of the throttle cables and hot start cable are damaged. Oh and somehow the silencer wandered off after the pics were taken.


On the plus side he said he was religious about the maintenance and after talking to him I believe it, it also has a Recluse clutch kit with a hydraulic conversion (from what I understand stock was cable?), hot start lever relocation, a throttle cam kit with extra cams, a steering dampener, aftermarket rad guards and seat, and I think a few other bits I'm forgetting, along with a pile of spare/stock parts (clutch, rad ducts, rear side plastics x3, lower fork plastics x2, rear fender x2, chain guards, stock clutch lever, seat, some plastics and brackets I don't recognize, knuckle guards, etc). It's also been sitting since Sept 08 so the hours on it will be a lot lower than other 02's.

1500 !!!!!!!!! DOLLARS????? thats crazy expensive thats what they go for new that year in souther california

Time to ship some up here then, all the ones I was finding were $4-5000 depending on condition.

Time to ship some up here then, all the ones I was finding were $4-5000 depending on condition.

For a 02?! Dude swing through NC. 06's on Craigslist all day for 1,800

Must be due to his area. 4000 in ohio would buy him a super nice FI bike. An 02 here is an "old" 1500 dollar bike in running condition

Cars, bikes, everything is jacked in price around here. If it's for something worth more than 5k I'll either buy new or look outside of town.

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