2010 RMZ 250 wont start HELP!

hi everyone i have a 2010 RMZ250 and the bloody thing wont start it worked fine 2 weeks ago i got home and cleaned it as usual filled up the tank and left it for the week then i went out on it last saturday and got to the creek that i usually ride down to the bush and it would not start wouldnt even bump start.


just replaced the spark plug and reset the idle/choke knob screwed it all the way in the 6 full revolutions out and still wont kick over any help would be great 


sounds like it wants to start but just wont 


thanks in advance.

Check your valve clearances

i didnt think the 2010 had issues with valves ?

All 4 strokes will need valve adjustment at some point. ...depends how many hours are on the bike. They don't have issues like the hondas, did but its the nature of the beast

All 4 strokes need valve adjustments at some point and it isn't a "problem" its just the nature of the beast.

hey all just checked my valve clearances and they are all in spec apart from 1 inlet valve which has no gap anyone else come across this?

just removed the shim and its a size 183 which is a wierd size i checked it with a vernier caliper aswell. well i worked it out that i need a 170 size shim which seems quite a jump. cant really afford a new set of valves at the moment do you reckon this will be ok just fitting a new shim size 170 ? i had no gap and a 183 in there so to get a .009-.016 valve gap i figured i need to drop to .013 in the middle of the 2 i would need a 170 ???

Sounds about right. I'd go for it

Yup. Just reshim. Dont be concerned about numbers. Tolerances change. If the valves get a lot of hours they can cup-that's when I fets dangerous and snap. Replace valves when you see large change from original shim

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