Polishing 2011 kx250f frame

Hey just wondering whether it is worth polishing my kx250f frame. They look okay the way they are but they look better when they are polished. Wondering whether it's worth doing or if it is to much to keep it nice and polished up or better off leaving it? If so what should I use to polish it.

You mean to remove, or dull, the boot marks? I just scrub mine pretty good with some soapy warm water, rinse it off and it looks shiny again.



I use this and I can get my frame to a mirror finish... looks sweet but you have to do it after each ride ... if you ride hard and with your legs, my pants and boots rub the frame so i have to keep on it to keep it polished, normally something I do before big rides to show off and if I was bored on a wet day and want to go play with the bike.

Not a Kawasaki, but I polish the frame on my CRF and it looks awesome. Wet sand it with 1000, 1500, and 2000 grit sand paper, then use some aluminum polish and it will shine like a mirror. Holds up pretty good, but I touch mine up every couple of rides so it's less work to keep it looking good.

polished frame.jpg

Dirt bike....not show bike... Its one thing to have a clean bike...but polished/chrome frame.....nope

Dirt bike....not show bike... Its one thing to have a clean bike...but polished/chrome frame.....nope


go away.... troll!


You are not helping.he didn't ask if anyone thought it was cool (he already stated that he thinks it is and so do a ton more or every pro racer wouldn't have a polished frame), or if you had a opinion on the subject... he just ask he it was worth it and how to do it.

IMG_20131027_094439.jpgI started polishing my 2011 kx250f. I think it makes the bike look pretty dam good.

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That looks heaps good. What did you use?

On the top I used 1000 grit then meguires metal polish. On the bottom I used 600,800 then 1000 grit with water and finished up with polish. The bottom takes more work but it will come around with some effort. The swing arm polished up with 1000 grit.I try to do a little bit each week.

The way to make it look like a pro factory frame is to use aluminum polish and a scotch brite pad. Use the polish sparingly because a little bit goes a long way. Then once you have it polished to a mirror finish, use the scotch brite pad long ways up and down the frame spars going along with the original lines in the frame. It makes the frame look brand new. 

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