Yamha ttr125 stuck coke

A couple of years ago i purchased a 2002 yamaha ttr125l with a stuck choke. After researching about how to fix a stuck choke someone suggested wd40. I tried putting some down where the pluger is to hopefully unstick it. That didn't work so i did some more research and someone suggested putting coke down in there. If i put coke down where the plunger is will it corrode the metal or rust it? could you please give me your thoughts?

 Have you considered carburetor cleaner?

Coke is a good rust prohibitor. It may work letting it soak in a little. Not sure. I have 2 ttr's and one has the same issue. The best option is to pull off the carb, and completely disassemble everything, and clean each component with carb cleaner. While it's apart you have full access to the choke and throttle plungers. Pull each and make sure they move smoothly and it's not something in the cable that's causing it to stick. It's likely it's the round o-rings on the plunger that are causing the issue. Replace them and your all set. I think I went to a hardware store with the one from the bike and found the closest comparison and used that. Beat ordering one from Yamaha

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