thinking of a switch yzf back to Ktm

in a dilema, answers probably obvious but need opinions, used to own a 09 300 exc, traded (regretably now)for a 03 yz250f which was in great condition. I ride 70% woods 30% track, figured the yz250f would be great in single trail and still be ready to rip up the tracks which is obviously what it was designed for.

Well i figured wrong and that bike has literally kicked my @$$ in the trail, even with the typical suspension adjustments it just didn't agree with me at all. I currently have an opportunity to purchase a used 2010 ktm sxf, would this suit my original purpose of track/trail better than the yzf? i mean i know both are mx bikes but would there be that much of a difference between the 2? KTM be trail friendlier stock form....appreciate any feedback, sorry for noob questions.

oh and need to add there aren't many bikes avail where i live so these are the choices at the moment..

Get the 2010, revalve the suspension for your needs, and be done with it.

right thanks NB, anyone else with opinion?

just curious but whats the opinion of how the sxf would handle woods? would she be more trail friendly than a 03 yz250f..

this is probably more of what i am trying to get an answer for.

I think if you lower the oil height and slow down the rebound/compression, both will be rather woods friendly.

I ride a sxf in the woods and it does great. All my friends ride moto bikes for woods. 

ive purchased the orange!! ergonomics just agreed with me right away, feels like yr actually able to rail this bike harder than the blue one. Was able to take it on a smaller wood trail and everything good i remembered about ktm, even for a crosser was there. unfortunately less low down grunt than the yzf but the way it handles woods is so much better. happy again...

Glad you made the decision!

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