My xt350 has progressively started smoking worse and worse, I'm going to tear down the motor and do the piston and rings, valve seals, timing chain and all gaskets. Just wondering what else I should do while I'm inside the motor. The bike is a 92 :).

Top end jobs on these is usually it. You probably should check the rod play while you're there, but I doubt it will be out of spec. If there's appreciable ring ridge, rebore. Don't just rering. I believe Wiesco still makes pistons for these. They are an upgrade. Replace the wrist pin and clips no matter what else you do. A quality valve job by someone familiar with motorcycle engines is a must. New valve seals as well. The great part is you can do the valve shim check afterwards before you install the head: just install the cams and line them up with the marks.

Should I replace the timing chain also? I've heard they are weak points in these bikes.

I'm 100% going to get a manual tensioner for TC, just wondering if I should go ahead and replace mine or reuse it if it doesn't seem to have excessive slack.

I'm noticing small shavings in my oil filter, I'm unsure the kind of metal in the filter but I will inspect soon, I'm hopping it is caused from the stripped oil drain bolt. (Best case scenario)

Timing chain probably should be replaced when reboring. The stock auto adjust cam chain tensioner is ok if in good shape. Pooched parts, no matter the source, are pooched parts. Toss anything suspect. I'm not sure I'd replace it with a manual version unless I had no other choice. I'd be more likely to get another new factory one. The only aftermarket parts I'd use on any of this is the Wiesco Piston. Otherwise, everything else would come from Yamaha. It will always fit, and last as long as the original.  It isn't likely you're ever going to do another engine overhaul, so do this one right. Next time, retire the bike. Half measures will have you back in there in no time.


Get a TimeSert for the drain plug problem, and you'll never have to deal with it again.

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