150f question....

Are there 2 different models of the crf150f? One with bigger wheels? If so... Is the swingarm the same on both bikes? Need info ASAP!

Your thinking of the "R" (water cooled) not the "F" (air cooled)

I'm thinking of the F! Do they only have one wheel size?

No, just one wheel set size on the 150F. The 18/21 230F wheels will bolt up. Guy modified his 150F swing arm to accommodate the 230F wheels that he got a fantastic deal on. The 230 swing arm is a little longer.


Thanks for the info!! I want to put cr85 suspension on it. Do I go with the cr 85 expert forks and shock? Or are the forks and shock the same on the stock or expert model?

Expert will be closer but still may be to soft

Depends on your weight of course.

You will have to drill/tap/relocate mounting hole on lower shock mount to match the same ride height with the CR 80/85 rear shock.

Hlebos would be a better choice for the rear shock IMO.

Lol Sac Town.

Making good use of them also!

Got that engine built and riding it every week end for the last 5 weeks!

The Engine is brutal!

Already had to replace the clutch again with a even more heaver set of springs.

250cc ,12.5 compression, 32mm carb,

EO stage 3 cam. Combine that with a 150 swing arm, front end is as light as you need any time your on the throttle.

Have to run a 4.10 x 18 tire though, hard on rear tires, Shreds the knobs right off way to easy. 15 & 47 gearing,

And that's Still to low!

 15 & 47 gearing, And that's Still to low!


What type of riding are you doing?

The last 5 weekends and the next two, are all woods, single track, and fire roads. above Forresthill and below French Meadows near Sacramento CA. In the Sierra's

We cover a lot of ground every weekend!


It's snowing there today.

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