150F front brake problem

I just aquired an 06 CRF150F with a front brake problem that I can't seem to solve.


Master cyl. was bypassing, so I installed rebuild kit and reverse bled system but it's still bypassing,  There are no leaks. Pistons in calipers work well with air, but barely move with hyd. pressure from lever.


I installed the rubber cups on plunger facing in same direction as old cups, open end facing inboard.

Piston bore was clean with no corrosion upon disassembly.


Any ideas?

Thanks, Bill...

PROBLEM SOLVED:  floating caliper was not floating due to one of the slide pins binding in its bore. This caused only the pads on the piston side of the caliper to contact the rotor, which also made the brake lever to feel like there was air in system.


Maybe this will help some body else in the future.



Very common problem. Uneven brake pad wear from side to side as well as angled wear on a single pad is a dead giveaway.

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