Looking at Buying a used 08 450?

I'm looking at getting back on a 4 stroke. I've been riding two strokes ( ktm 08 300sx and 06 yz250) for the last few years. I've found a very clean 08 450 with under 15 hours on it. I was going to pick it up today. That was until I read about the timing change issues. Is this a real problem? If so should I look for another year? I don't a fuel injected bike. I'll be using it for offroad and light mx. I can split the case and rebuild the four strokes, but I rather not. My boys race new 250f's so I've spent plenty of time making their engines right. I just want a play bike that has enough motor for an occasional dune trip.

What timing change issues?


08/09's are great , bulletproof bikes that will go hundereds of hours without going inside the motor.


I've had a 06, 08, now 09 all bought used with low hours, raced and beat up, never had a problem.


There a good bang for your buck type bike.


If you do slow technical riding get the rekluse, it was meant for a YZ450.

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"Timing chain" most likely.


What "issue"?  It's just maintenance, easy and cheap, too, and it should be done on a fairly regular basis on any high performance thumper.

"Timing chain" most likely.


What "issue"?  It's just maintenance, easy and cheap, too, and it should be done on a fairly regular basis on any high performance thumper.

 Yes I meant the timing chain. On our 250's I replace the timing chains at 40 hours. Is this a good number for the 450 too. Should I put a manual tensioner on it? as far as issues I read a few bikes going south at 20 hours. I know it's probably internet bs. I just  want to make a educated purchase. 

Thanks For The Help!!

No need for the manual tensioner, no.  Replace the chain once a year, the tensioner every couple of chains, just for good measure. 

The wife surprised me. I came home and this was in the garage :)


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I like that wife.  Do you have any more of them?

I like that wife. Do you have any more of them?

I can barely handle one of them. I met her at Glamis and we were married two months later. That was 20 years and two kids ago.i'd been looking at the bike for awhile , but it was out of my price range. She was able to get it into our price range. She took my boys to check it out and brought it home. I just ordered a timing chain, springs,skidplate, and I'll grease and check everything.

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You'll want to change the exhaust too, more than likely. The stock muffler is cute, but it works a lot like a cork.

You'll want to change. The exhaust too, more than likely. The stock muffler is cute, but it works a lot like a cork.

Thanks for the info. I'll find a muffler before I go on a ride. I rode it in the trails out my front gate. It ran well but did feel lazy on the bottom and on the top. The middle was ok.

dont mean to thread jack but I didn't want to start an entirely new thread for this question. How are the 2007's with reliability?  What should I look for when going to check one out?


Gray is right.  The stock silencer is garbage, really holds the bike back.  I picked this up for my '09, very happy with it


I have the power bomb with it


congrats on your purchase, it's a great bike, they are bullet proof, 5 top of the line titanium valves.  Read up






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Thanks for all the help it saved me a lot of cash!

Pulled the bike apart I found the steering bearings were toast . I'm betting on a pressure washer. I greased everything, replaced steering races and bearings,jetted per forum including needle, serviced the suspension, and added a aftermarket silencer. It runs like a different bike. My biggest surprise was the timing chain. The bike has under 20 hours and the timing chain was stretched to the end of the tensioner adjustment. I would've bet against the timing chain being stretched so far. I learned a lesson. 20 bucks and a couple of hours saved a lot of cash.

Congrats on the new purchase (and being married to a cool girl!). The 08 feels like a big bore 250 in terms of size and power....until you replace the stock cork, er, exhaust as others have stated. Turns on a dime and pulls like a champ!

I have an '08 that I bought new and have literally never had a problem with it.  I have 370 hours on it and have only done maintenance work on it.  Rebuilt the top end at 250 hours just because. Change the timing chain every 50 hours, oil change at 8-10 hours.  Keep it greased and keep the suspension serviced and it will keep you happy for a long time.

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