1998 xr600 1st gear fault

Hi all,

Just have a small problem with my new xr600. It selects all gears fine but when you first start it, then take off in 1st it grabs, like theres not slippage at all. Only happens in 1st. Once warm its fine. Any ideas?


What kind of oil in it? & may be miss adjusted. Also if bike sat along time some clutch plates may be stuck together. Time will usually loosen them up.

it's new to you, but what year model and has it got a lot of miles on it. Besides oil if it has high mileage could be the fiber clutch disc tangs have worn into the clutch basket.


"HJ"      :cheers:

mmm..Not sure what you mean by grabs. If you start a lot of motorcycles and just bang it into first the thing will jump forward and stall. Doesn't happen too much with the XRs but two strokes used to be kinda prone to it...They need a bit of warming up and a bit of in/out with the lever prior to chucking them in 1st is what I noticed with them..But Yes as Hairy says fiber plates may be a bit worn out or slots worn in the inner and outer baskets.,or I expect just bad clutch adjustment.

Its like a brass button clutch on a car.. Its either in or out, no slippage as you get going, just engages drive hard. Until it warms up and is how it should be. The clutch was done by previous owner 14 months ago, i have the reciept for it. Not sure what oil but i'll definately check.

It's pretty simple to get to the plates. I would dump the oil and take the case cover off and see what's going on. It will be obvious if there are notches in the basket. I had a bike that would grab grab grab and then be fine with the clutch fully engaged. There were notches on the basket and I just took a file and carefully smoothed it out... Worked for me. Maybe it does it in all gears it's just not noticeable.

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