1987 XR600R Needing front spocket guard. What all models are compatible?

I thought I read somewhere that the some of the other XR sizes used the same front sprocket cover.  Is there truth to that?  Hoping to widen my search.  I've found them on ebay but most are priced pretty high.

What you mean like 250/350/400 etc..Dunno about that. I'd get the correct one for the job..Any year XR600 one should work,,XL600,,unsure whether it's exactly the same mounting and fitting,,I think possibly not..XL600 one  is I think longer and may have issues with it hitting some part of the XRs frame..can't be sure tbh..

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XR600s didn't come with a front sprocket cover.  Are you talking about an aftermarket cover?  If so, you will probably have to contact the manufacturers for the specifics.  I do know that older CR forks fit the XR triples and those may also be an option for you.


Just a thought

It definately came with one.  I'd only put a replacement on it that was exactly the same.  I just thought I read somewhere that the XR250 and 350 was the same.  I'll just have to check part #'s.  The reason I ask is if there were some that were the same, I can widen my search on ebay or anywhere else and come up with more.

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