08 TE510 TPS Sensor

My dealer has advised that the TPS Sensor is bad and needs replacing. It is pressed into the throttle body so I need a whole new throttle body at a cost of almost $500. Anyone experienced this or have a cheaper solution?

Townzer,are you talking about replacing the whole throttle body assy?they are close to $500.we have never sold one yet.what is your bike doing that makes you/them think it needs to be replaced?are they a Husqvarna dealer?Dan

MotoXotica-  I went thru a lot of troubleshooting with the help of the forums here.  It came down to testing things I was not equipped to do.  I took it to the Moor Park dealer and dropped it off.  After three weeks of troubleshooting with the Husky Tech.  they tried a new throttle body from a brand new bike, which corrected the problem.  They determined it was the TPS sensor and found out they are pressed into the throttle body hence a whole new $500 throttle body was needed.  I told them to order one up because I could not find anything on the forums or internet about alternatives.  Of course it is backordered coming from europe, so maybe by Xmas!?  I was hoping someone would have an alternative solution.  Thanks for the help.

At $500  I'd try to press it out, nothing to lose.

  • Problem is getting the new one.  Husky won't sell the TPS sensor separately.

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