More to Bohn Farms than I was aware of ?


I was messing around today on Google Earth and saw something interesting looking at the Bohn Farms site.  On Google Earth you can go back years and see the photos taken then.  If you go back to 7/2002, there looks like another MX track - or at least a HS track about 1/4 mile west of the existing track.  (The existing layout wasn't constructed until about 2010)  It looks longer than the one we know and only folds back on itself once.  It looked heavily used for a couple of years but in the last couple of years, the layout is still visible from the satellite pix but it doesn't look used anymore. it not used because  track users don't even know it's there or is there some other reason for it being unused?  I wish...hope...that it's still a layout that can be used.  I would be a more regular customer if it was.  Take a look.

Interesting...  I have no idea how to time travel with google maps, but I see what you're talking about.


I don't know anything about it...  If I was to guess whats up with it, I'd have two guesses.


1) It didn't get enough use, so they stopped taking care of it....




2) The property owner said "nope, aint gonna do that"  That property is part of the "U-lands", and I would doubt they would let something like that happen on their turf (could be, and hope I am, wrong though)

On Google Earth, pick a site and a date will appear in the lower left.  (You've gotta zoom in pretty close to get that date.) That date is the oldest pix they have for that site.  Click on that date and you will get a small box in the upper left that has a record of all the photos taken of that site.  You can progress thru them on by one.  Very cool.

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That is actually pretty cool.  That same image with the track there is the one that is currently shown by the counties GIS map.


heh  I thought I had used google earth before...  don't believe I ever have! 

I emailed/messaged Bohn Farms asking about that 2nd. track a couple of weeks ago but got no answer...yet.

I believe that track is private.  I saw some kids riding during the summer of 2012.

I believe that track is private.  I saw some kids riding during the summer of 2012.

I wish I could get a definitive answer from them.  The Bohn Farms folks are NOT good at calling back or answering messages from their web site message box.  I realize it's the off season for the track but I've had the same luck during the season.

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