CRF80/CRF70 Wheel Fitment Question

Just bought an 04' CRF80 for my daughter but it's a little tall for her. She's on the tips of her toes so I wanted to lower it a few inches. Can anyone confirm if a set of CRF70 wheels will bolt right on? I think that the smaller wheels will lower it enough that she'll be good to go.



I did exactly that. I took the front wheel from my sons xr70 and installed it on his crf80 until he was ready for the larger wheel.

We did not do the rear wheel.

Thanks for the response. How much did it lower the bike just changing out the front? I was thinking of swapping out both wheels but if I could get away with only the front that would be great.



I don't know how much it dropped the front end.  Enough to make him more comfortable on it and not intimidated by leaning bike to stop. 

Maybe one of the other members who did this can give more data.  Good luck.

Yep, the front and rear wheels both fit.

In fact you can put the front fork internals from the 70 into the 80 and lower it by 1 inch.

Been there, done that. Had an 80 with 70 wheels and a 70 with 80 wheels and 80 fork internals. ( 1inch more fork travel))

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