09 yfz 450 cylinder fit yzf 450?

Ive had a look and they both look similar except for where the clutch attaches. Has anyone managed to make one of these work?




Let's get the model designations right to start with.  The motorcycle is a YZ450F, the quad is a YFZ450.  The '06-'09 YZ450F cylinder will not fit the YFZ450 engines up until the '09 YFZ450R model.  The non-"R" designated quad engine is a first generation 450F that oils the top externally with a bolt-on manifold.  The '09 YZ450F and the '09 and later YFZ450R models are Gen2 engines that oil internally. 


The cylinder from a '03-'05 YZ450F or an '03-'06 WR450F would work on the earlier quads.

What ive got is a yz450f bike but the cylinder is kaput, But i can get hold of a yfz450 quads cylinder, it may well be a yfz450r. So would this fit? I dont actually need the clutch part on the cylinder unless there is a workaroud. I just want to be sure that my cylinder is definatly the problem by hopefully putting on the quad cylinder and getting the bike to start.




Basically crank seized so stripped down bike and rebuilt with new crank but then couldnt get bike to start, compression felt like it was low and was only giving off the occasional backfire. Timing etc was bang on, no valves were jammed open so stripped it down and found some marks on barrel that i never noticed on first inspection.




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Does it have "2S2" cast into it somewhere?  If so, it will fit (although the one in the picture doesn't look too great).  If it has "5TA" cast on, no, it won't work.

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