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Looking for a Few Pictures of Handle Bar Setups

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Hey guys, looking for a few pictures of handle bar setups on a 2004ish WR250f. The previous owner of this bike wanted it to be a YZF pretty badly by the looks of it. All of the switches have been stripped from the bars and only the on/off push button remains (yes, they even did away with electric start and kill switches :banghead: ).


So basically I am wondering what the switches look like, as there seems to be a number of different styles on eBay. And also the placement of the switches on the bars. Did a Google search but i could only find a couple pictures and they were all a lot newer than my bike.


The PO of the bike works away so I'm going to see if he has any of the stuff that was taken off when he returns, but I think it might have been like that when he bought it too. If that is the case I will try work my way back through owners if possible and see if someone has all this stuff in their basement somewhere before I purchase new ones.


Also, is there any aftermarket start/kill switches available that won't break the bank that any of you have used?


Here is the type of picture I'm looking for (my bike) (picture one)


and a very crappy photo of my shamefully dirty bike (with lawnmower photobomb haha)IMG_0196.JPG


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