02 cr125 pwk a/s or Lectron?

Ive got a 02 cr125 that ive been rebuilding and Im done with the stock TMX. Ive read about every post I could find on both carbs mentioned and while good info on 38mm pwk on 125 most lectron post are about 250 bikes. Since I live in central usa the temp swings during any given day can be large and elevation doesnt vary at most my riding spots over 300ft, Im leaning towards the lectron.

My bike is stock bore and pipe with a pc can. Gearing is also stock but I do drop a tooth in front sometimes. Ive got plans to have cylinder replated with a EG mo'better port job before next spring. Then getting another cylinder/head for big bore later if desired.

Just looking to get some input from anyone who has experience with this.

Thanks in advance.

Well I ended up going pwk a/s with 134 bb....for what it's worth...

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