Who's racing at ctmx?

Rocky hill is having their first full race day on november 2nd! I know they have had masters of mini races but its been a practice only track for a long time. I personally think its awesome since i live 15 mins away and ride there most weekends. Hopefully Tony will get a good turnout. ImageUploadedByThumper Talk1382644024.751330.jpg

Yep, I expect it to be pretty packed, should be a great time.

Im going to go there tomorrow morning for a few hours. Is this an good track for a complete newbie? I mean, i can shift and control the bike pretty confidently, but never jumped, hit whoops or berms. 

Just go slow, you can get hurt at any trackif you ride over your head! I may be there, but not for 9am, too cold!

Just start out on the beginners track if you don't feel comfortable riding on the main track yet. Its a great way to get used to corners and all the jumps are safe tabletops on the beginners. If you do ride on the main track, just hold your line while getting passed because if you decide to move over to get out of their way, they may have already started to pass you from the side so just hold your line. Also have fun! I'll be there sunday if anybody is riding.

Rode yesterday and had a absolute blast. Indeed VERY cold when we got there, but warmed up quick. Ran around the smaller track for a while before i went out on the big track. Great place over there, i will be going frequently. Thanks for the advice guys.

I showed up at around 11, track was great and it was a beautiful day!

Track was awesome today no dust and the weather was perfect. I'm hoping it'll be just as nice for next saturday.

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