Yz250f sputters when warm

Yz250f runs great for about first 2 minutes then starts to sputter and eventually stalls. Let it sit for a few minutes it starts right up and then runs fine the rest of the time. Any ideas what could be causing this?

Most likley jetting or clogged jet/dirty carb. Hows it run with the choke on?

Mine used to do the same then I rejetted it and it runs and warms up fine not to mention rips alot harder

I only choke it at first and it runs fine. Think I could get away with just cleaning the jets or should I replace them?

Do you have an aftermarket exhaust? And with jets I like to just replace them. I bought a dynojet kit and replaced all my jets and it came with a new needle. in your case it doesnt seem as bad as mine was,I wasnt able to let it sit without it dying on me. But you can try cleaning them and see if that works if u wanna save some $

Yeah I have an hmf full exhaust on it. So I'm not sure what the jetting is. I've never rejetted one before so it will be trial and error.

Yeah it deffinatley should be rejetted then. Alot of the jet kits like fmf dynojet and jd jet come with instructions and specifics for jet sized and needle positions as well as air fuel based n aftermarket exhaust and elevation

It runs great after it stalls at first. Just cleaned the pilot and main and its still doing it

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