What your hand guards say about your personality.

I couldn't help but LOL....that is funny shit, I don't care who you are. I have the standard. I like using my fu$k you finger at times.

Haha! Funny stuff

How to thumbs up on an iPad? Hilarious, thanks!

HAHA, that's awesome!!!  I have seen some of those "whatever the &%$#@! these are called" at races.  haha.



Full wrap guards for me. I'm not afraid of trees, just have a healthy respect for them. They also protect the levers from almost any sort of damage. Most importantly, they let people know that I'm a diehard offroad nut.

now thats some funny sh*t , i am a true bark buster guy!!

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My fingers are the money makers. Gotta protect them.


My fingers are the money makers. Gotta protect them.



You must give handjobs for a living...


You guys should keep with this blog. "Brotocross" .com


All (or most of) the articles written by Eli Moore. All of you NESC, J-Day, and New England guys would recognize him from MX207, 101, Winchester, Crow Hill, the Wick, etc. 

I love the last ones! :D



Barkbusters here for most of the year, but when it starts getting cold I'm a "Whatever The &%$#@! These Are Called guy". No fun riding when you can't feel your fingers.

You must give handjobs for a living...

Sort of, I'm an engineer.

The article used your instead of you're in reference to sodomizing the earth. Vexing!!!!! :mad:

LOL!!!! That is good sheit. I am a cross-breed tho. I run cycra pro-bends in the woods. I do get that the trees make the woods possible, doesn't mean I want my finger to end up between them and my bars. On the track tho, I still get boner air at times...however, I never use the bark busters on the track..or any hand guards for that matter.


Far as the KTM thing...that is so true as well. I know one of those guys!!! (eh hem screnshaw400...brother in law). I cant wear my golf glove that has orange on it when I golf with em without hearin bout how it should be a KTM glove, LOL!!!

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Been racing and riding 50 yrs here, What the hell are Bark Busters/Handgaurds for ?????????

Been racing and riding 50 yrs here, What the hell are Bark Busters/Handgaurds for ?????????


If you've ever ridden any serious bush/mountain terrain you figure out pretty quick why bark busters are needed. Ive ran into times where the trail goes between two trees that you can not make it through without precise aim. Needless to say i dont have that good of aim very often and end up ramming a tree with my handle bars. Without my big old Cycra pro bend guards i probably wouldnt have any fingers today.   :thumbsup:

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