Looking for good repair shop in or around Indianapolis IN

After finally getting the water out of the oil from sinking and hydro locking the engine on my 06 wr450, Ive got a bit of a knock on top of the already noisy valve train. While I am mechanically inclined, I'm considering just having someone else tear into it. Any of you guys in IN have a recommendation of someone to take it to besides a dealer? Thanks

There is a repair shop in new Palestine (not to far from Indy) called Atv connection. The man's name is Fred ballanger. Hey is an older man who has been working on bikes and four wheelers. I had a 2006 yfz450 I bought from flat out motorsports right on washtungton street. I ran it for 3 hrs and it seized the motor. Took it back they said it needed a new motor and all that jazz. So I took it to Fred and he put. New crank assembly, piston, valves the whole shabang. I sold that four wheeler with around 80 hours on it after the rebuild. Ran like a top. He is very intelligent but looks very Ornery. I can give you his information if you'd like. Oh and it cost me 1100 for his work

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